Time In The App Is Incorrect

Time In The App Is Incorrect

If the time your AVAS system is reporting is different than the time in your area is, there are a couple of reasons why this would occur:
  1. The time zone your AVAS system is set too is incorrect.
    1. This typically happens when a vehicle is purchased and then driven across the country.
  2. Your AVAS system was unable to connect to the gps network in real time.
    1. When an AVAS system is unable to obtain adequate signal, it back logs all of the reports and then sends them out to be processed in a single moment. This means that when all of the back logged reports are sent out, they will be sent out at the same time and appear to have an incorrect time. 
In the case where you require to have your time zone updated, please reach out to our support team at, https://support.myavas.com/, and someone will available to assist you within 24-48 business hours of receiving your support ticket. 
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