How Do I Add Another Email Address On File?

How Do I Add Another Email Address On File?

In order to add another email address on file, you will need to submit a request to our support team at
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      If you purchased a second vehicle with an AVAS unit installed and would like to have both units in the same account, please submit a support ticket from within the app. Click the top left icon in the app Select the "Support Form" option near the ...
    • How Do I Add/Remove A User In The App?

      In order to add a user in the app: Click on the top left icon Then select the users tab Click on the bottom right icon and fill out the information Hit save and then you're done In order to delete a user in the app click on the top left icon Then ...
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      Absolutely, yes. You are the owner of your AVAS system and you can have your AVAS system placed into any vehicle you own. Transferring your AVAS system to another vehicle does require us at AVAS to make changes to your account. So, if you would like ...
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      Please reach out to our support department through the support form in the app or our support page at and we will be happy to provide more information regarding purchasing an additional AVAS system for your vehicle.
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      It is possible to change the dealer listed in your digital glovebox. However, that dealership must be on our approved list of dealers. Please contact our support team for more information regarding this. You can contact our support team by submitting ...