Can I Request The Reporting History Of My AVAS System?

Can I Request The Reporting History Of My AVAS System?

Yes. You can request the reporting history of your AVAS system by submitting a request to our support department at, A representative will assist you within 1-2 business days of receiving your support ticket. 
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    • What Does Stopped Reporting Mean?

      A stopped reporting notification means that your AVAS system is no longer reporting properly. This could be for various reasons such as a defective AVAS system, the system has been disconnected from power or even that system not being able to ...
    • Can I Install The AVAS System Myself?

      We highly recommend having a trained professional complete the installation of any and all AVAS systems. However, it is possible to install an AVAS system on your own. Please contact the AVAS support team in order to obtain more information regarding ...
    • Can I Have An Emissions Test For My Vehicle While The AVAS System Is Connected?

      Absolutely, yes. The AVAS system is designed to allow for diagnostics testing to be completed without affecting those diagnostics tests or compromise the integrity of the AVAS system itself.
    • Does The AVAS System Operate Worldwide?

      The AVAS system is not designed to operate anywhere outside of the U.S.
    • Can I Transfer My AVAS System To Another Vehicle?

      Absolutely, yes. You are the owner of your AVAS system and you can have your AVAS system placed into any vehicle you own. Transferring your AVAS system to another vehicle does require us at AVAS to make changes to your account. So, if you would like ...